I’ve actually been dreaming
Again and have got to
Tell you about the

Monstrous door;
Bending skyward
I twist its knob
To find myself
Inside every
Room of heaven
All at once.

Crowding cobbled
Auric streets
Everyone I’ve
Ever known laughs
As I chase you —
Carved of living
Emerald and marble

Beneath gargantuan
Pillars that give way,
Becoming fields full
Of birch becoming
Forests pitch black
With birch boles
Beaming. Below, blue
Bells trawling
For moonlight

Tangle our ankles
While nearby
Someone laughing
Looses fireworks
And I lose sight
Of you. Blinding
Marbled jewels
Flash and shower
Me while I tear
Flowers from their
Roots to wreathe
Them in my hair.

Sulfurous stones
And embers mingling
Light the pale trees;
With terrifying efficacy
Ferocious flames
Feast on fulgent
Bough and branch alike.
Fleeing for my life,
I am dazzled
By all this and
Begin laughing too.

– B.W. Milczewsky