Liz Wiegard, originally from St. Louis, MO, came to LA in 2013 to pursue the dream, and I mean THE dream.  In this video, Liz conceptualizes transhumanism in a quasi-virtual arena, where the players in a video game are real people respawning and battling to the death.  The teenagers playing the game (via Nintendo 64 console) seem to have that familiar GTA mentality with little-to-no-emotional affect from the two gladiator’s death match.  It’s pretty profoundly reflective of the conscious movement toward representational vacuums, away from tangibleperson-to-person repercussions.  The video’s dark anti-aesthetic plays against the role of beauty as a mechanism for reparation – it forces the musky sepia & pitch black game room den into your mind.

Diamond Heart is out now.