Alms, for Christ’s sake, implies much more than the transmission of some temporal commodity to the indigent.  One is met with the dimensional tracks of choice gestures – do we spin in all directions?  Are sports not meaningless, but Earth-copies of celestial schematics?

Being Alms’ debut EP, it has a street stasis about it, emanating a slightly humid wooden garage environment, and lots of high end to polarize the chillness.  In dampness, sound does actually move faster.  As slow as these songs are, they seem to match that perception with a sharp immediacy.

Even though Roman Zangari founded the group & is the sole writer, this EP was recorded live – which is commendable!  There are however some vacuous aspects of the instrumentation and production.  Being the variety of services music is for the psyche, including psychosomatic healing of the physical body, as well as even amplifying plant growth (!), it could be taken as a sacred art.  As impressionistic the EP is, detailing personal experiences and general moods of being a Santa Cruz / Los Angeles resident, it does not describe the indescribable, yet it does simply encapsulate aspects of every day life, as imperfect, real, and dull as they may be.  You might realize every day is a lot like every other day.  And then every once in a while there are days that completely change everything.  This album represents the former.

Faintlife takes a similar approach to achieving natural harmony, through a subtle damaging of the sounds, vibrato-y plucky guitars, dampened ghost drums, and fairly dry vocals.  Other similar artists would include Beach Fossils, early Deerhunter, Ringo Deathstarr.