Time for some brand spankin’ new musaq from the graffiti’d locker room basement of post-teen sexual psychic sound masseuse’s – pkwy.  To debut their first single faithfully, we’re going to have to give a bit of a description of the sound. (SPOILER ALERT! LISTEN TO THE FUCKING TRACK. DON’T READ THIS!)

Horse blind yourself from these words, they’re just our bias.  Form your own thickly textured bias based on your Generation Z mental aperture, or simply zen out in thoughtlessness to this muffled popstone of peacock oar.

Now that the 2000s-2010s have happened & are nearly over, the sound frequency spectrum has been maxed the fuck out to the ceiling, like sound hoarders would max out their intangible living room with a kajillion symbolic copies of themselves until their beards dread together into molten constellation.

One really remarkable thing about pkwy’s first single is how darkly lo-fi its mixed, which really amplifies its pleasantness to the ear.  Entropy is proving itself every day with a louder, busier, more chaotic world.  This kind of music can really ease one’s ears into a focused, calm, efficient state of being.  Who needs to pay $35 for a pitch black isolation tank to get your orifice’s all salty?  Use your imagination, listen to some immersively calming music, and your quality of life should improve.  Restrictions apply, but that’s all on you baby.