Silk weavers of the critical abyss, you know there’s no chance.  The meaning of life is up to the individual. THIS individual (Julian Keith of LIMMS) can give YOUR life a little more meaning, if you just care to listen.

LIMMS’ debut EP DON’T WORRY can really ease your senses, as well as raise your awareness – you end up with a higher ‘reasoning’ of sorts, which synchronistically is the linguistic combination of raising & easing.

It may be true the era of complacent mumbo jumbo is well-over, yet still passing through the tunnel of time.  LIMMS subverts the last decade’s interest in the “archaic revival” by quoting Terence McKenna with a pitch-shifted voice, undulating between the devil and the devil’s baby, on the 3rd track “Running Around.”


Deemphasize anxiety
Reassure people
Don’t worry
You don’t know enough to worry
That’s god’s truth
Who do you think you are that you should worry for crying out loud?
It’s a total waste of time
It presupposes such a knowledge of the situation that it is a form of hubris
What you do is just pay your bills & don’t worry!
That’s all.

Wow, next time you see a Terence Mckenna quote stapled to a telephone pole, know without any doubts that the DMT con-artist-isseur who put it there may have been abducted by CIA magoo’s pretending to be aliens, who implanted a microscopic chip into that person’s brain.

Seriously, I like Transcenterence Medikenna, but we should all be on high alert when somebody tells you that worrying is a form of arrogance.  Perhaps worrying is not the best for our mental health, but it’s not so black & white.  You can think of this 4-band quasi-spectrum between worry, acceptance, rationale, and irrationale.  Rational worry is healthy, because it’s why you put your strange uncle’s dinner into your calendar.  You’re worried you’ll forget & also need to prepare some things to say.  Irrational worry is generally unhealthy, because it’s not activating you to do anything. Rational Acceptance is like the Cheap Trick lyric line – “Surrender, but don’t give yourself away”.  Just do that, but not too often. (please)  Irrational worry can be good & bad – you’ve met those delusional optimists that can really make your day better. Well, you can try acting a little more like them sometimes and reach

for the carrot even though it’s way beyond the gravity well of our Earth. The birth of this album, in my opinion, is in the center between these 4 mental aspects.  It is as optimistic as it is cynical through its lush sonic arrangement, and existential lyrics.

For their debut EP I think this is a real gem. One critique I could give would involve production elements, such as the drum sounds & EQ, but I’m too picky.  Sometimes those things don’t matter as much if the foundation is rooted in the mutual harmony field that we all share.  Good job LIMMS!

For related projects check out their previous band Wax Children, and another group Bokonon which shares a member, guitarist Elvis Galvez (who is rad)