If you have kids, nanny, or even babysit, make sure to show the kids The Creatures Of Yes.  It’s the closest thing we have to Mr. Rogers in modernity.  Nothing compares, and all corporate cartoons are distractions.  Break the spell!

The Creatures of Yes is a weekly puppet show made by Jacob Graham and Co. in Brooklyn NY with new videos every Friday. It’s about people discovering the world around them and learning to appreciate each other’s differences. It addresses modern, relevant topics head-on with humor and sensitivity. It is also a time travel experiment.

For this project, a 1970s television studio was recreated in my apartment with period-appropriate equipment, including CRT video cameras, analog synthesizers, antique sewing machines, fur, feathers, and very hot lights. A friend once said “Imagine discovering a puppet show and the creatures that inhabit that world being broadcast on a quiet little community television cable network during the early 70s.”

This episode “Climate Change Isn’t Real” was co-written by Karen Hover, singer of the amazing band Sound Of Ceres, as well as Candy Claws.