Winter’s newest LP “Ethereality” is like Robin Guthrie’s wet dream!  Think of what Lush would sound like if they were forged in Brazil with divine sunshine & abundance instead of gloomy London overcast and way-too-expensive fish & chips.  All Samira Winter needs from the world is the spirit of now to serve the ages, whether you’re a preteen with angst, a millennial with 90s nostalgia, or a 57-year-old music nerd who thrives off of frission. (the goosebumps that come from too much bliss)

“Ethereality” is an unbelievable follow up to “Supreme Blue Dream”, Winter’s first full length.  This time, instead of a bedroom music style of self-recording, Samira collaborated with David Yorr, Garren Orr & Matt Hogan to construct & record these songs.  Drew Fisher engineered the album & Nolan Eley did some magic mixing, as he did on the last album.

There seems to be a bliss bug rising in all parts of the world.  Where it seems most acutely centralized is in Oakland, where artists such as Hazel English and Day Wave are killin the dream pop game.  Toronto is also a prime habitat for extreme harmony pop, with artists like Alvvays and Elsa weaving a comparable sound.

Order the LP here.