Draag is one of the most cult-enthusing bands of the San Fernando Valley, taking the dark torch of experimental euphony into their own hands, and enlightening their own inner cave systems with their own spooky beauty.  Since their formation in late 2013, they’ve formed a truly idiosyncratic crystallization of sounds, sculpting a quality that is as ghostly & submerged it is expansively illuminating.  Today they release their very first extended play “Nontoxic Process” – an arrangement of tracks from different eras of the group evolving over the past few years.

Born in Sylmar, an obscure part of The Valley, the group relates to a very noteworthy group bred around the same area – MedicineBrad Laner (mastermind behind Medicine) drafted an immersive shoegazey sound harkening back to the early 90s.  The combination of heaviness and harmony links Draag & Medicine to an emergent history of the region, collecting undercurrents under the hills and remolding them into sublime soundscapes.

Draag has already developed a cult following of dedicated fans, even without releasing an album until now.  Their live show is heavily resonant, simulating a dive into a Neptunian air chamber – a storm in slow motion.

Nontoxic Process is riddled with manifold variety, combining lush pop songs like their stellar single Sorry (Dispensa), with more ambient tracks such as *☆◉sylmar◉☆* & Tired Like Before.  The EP chronicles Adrian Acosta’s earliest recordings, made on cassette when he was age 10.  Starkly contrasting the gang related shenanigans happening around him, he retreated into his inner world composing songs he had thought to be for his ears only.  When the project’s identity solidified as a 5-piece group, the songs flourished into their own.

Shortly after beginning the recording process, Adrian began to undergo extremely challenging illnesses & personal challenges, restricting the completion of a full length album.  Through the undeniable privilege of being able to create in LA’s first world haven, and pushing beyond such personal oppositions, Nontoxic Process manifested as a result – a paradoxically sad & optimistic recollection of self-auscultating honesty.

Blissful harmony can serve as a real buoyant force for people’s hearts & souls.  Draag harnesses these pure intentions on their first effort, for the benefit of all.  Float on top of their molten glory & uncorrupt yourself from artificial woes into the true field of love & potential.

For fans of: Thom Yorke, Whirr, Smashing Pumpkins, Lilys, Sonic Youth