NPU mavericks HOTT MT quintessentialize the great beyond once again in their 3rd full-length LP “Earth On Heaven”.

Recorded in a week on the beach of a Vancouver Island, the organic waves of flora cause lucid goosebumps that are revelatory at the very least.

After the difficulties of producing “AU,” Ashi and Spooky decided to scale back their third album, “Earth on Heaven.” Where “AU” is broad and complex, “Earth on Heaven” is intimate and succinct. Recorded within a strict time frame and a roster of just two, “Earth on Heaven” is a product of the stream of consciousness between two people who have built a deep bond with each other.

Earth on Heaven was arranged written and recorded in one week at Spooky’s Grandparent’s house on the Sunshine Coast of BC. The house was vacant and about to be sold, but was still filled with family photos and artifacts from Spooky’s childhood. Spooky and Ashi isolated themselves amidst the nostalgia, and rarely left the property for the length of the recording.

The ambience of the location can be heard throughout the album, as many of the vocal and percussive takes were tracked outside on the beach that bordered the house. The crashing of waves and bird calls can be heard on several songs. The result is a capsule of a place and time that are no longer accessible. But this space and time may have been a fantasy to begin with.


releases February 26, 2019
All Songs Written and Performed by HOTT MT (Spooky Tavi / Ashi Dala)
Harp on “Angel” by Risa Rubin
Art by Ashi Dala
Special Thanks to Chris Sorem, Eddie Ponce, and Lionel Williams