Wam Dingis – the critizens of your cultural constructs are renting your life from you again, for the 7.7th re-re-re-re-re-re-re-release of their fully re-recorded re-mastered debut “Wam Dingis – It’s Not That Hard”!

Jordan Avila, the anti-post-modern z-constructivist, is a meta-mastermind of double-awareness.  When he puts his keys down, he consciously thinks “I put my keys there” so that there is no curse wrought around the non-possibility of his disambiguation.  Similar to his double remembering tricks, he blurs the concept of a band, an artist, a performer, into a life coaching self help anti-christ; a consultant for the ambitiously impossible.  Whether it’s being lowered by an Egyptian pulley system down to the stage (over the course of 15 minutes), or renting a limo for an hour max, tumultuous tutelage is his motto.

The kind of pop punk WD40 lubes into your sonique chasms makes the solar male crisis even more nebulously right, stirring away your unconscious ideals as a potentially lubed up 40 year old gentleman, allow you to either A) reconsider your abuse B) validate your abuse C) research dictatorships – the exam of life is upon us, manifesting every impossibility into a crashing, perpetuating beginning of new endings.  Hey PR person that charges $1000/month, go fuck yourself.  And tell your most hierarchical pet that love is the driving force of the universe, not probability.

In these times, it is up the individual to make a scene.  Though the spectacle can only take you so far.  You need to know somebody’s daddy mommy business managers friend who’s been in the family of the money.  Wam Dingis are the spectacle of the grass-roots parade, illuminating the injustices of the independent musician and putting it on hyper-display.  Whether it’s ingesting an impossible amount of pizza that’s destined for vomit & failure, or catching a comet as it lands into the nest that is your hair, the point is that you inspire those around you to act their dreams, into a life-long broadway musical envisioned from the playwright’s point of view.

Check out the music video for “Pretty Is Fancy” – a very honest display of the tumults of artistic entrepreneurship.

Their album is out TODAY and will be performed in its end-tirety at Non Plus Ultra, tonight at 8pm.