Watch out weirdo music lovers (like people that read Weird Music Forever), there’s a new girl who’s here to twist up the LA-saturated genre of glowsmog (the funny but beautiful music that blurs all boundaries) with her dreamy hyper-aware giggly goof music.

Andrea Adolph, previously from the group BREAKFAST, began writing and recording this song while sick in her then-boyfriends bed, after hearing the news that her previous band had broken up without her.  In a beautiful tantrum of ill winded tumult, she crafted her first Bambina single “I Do Not Do I” – No matter how she captured the initial sonic gold, dozens of rainbow pearls appeared immediately on the flat timeline of her life’s narrative.  She could see, hear, feel, the future.  And then, a baby girl was born.

Casting moon shadows by reflecting the lightwaves of privileged LA natives, Bambina slinks into the zany silk sound community, alongside Negative Gemini, Jerry Paper, Inner Wave, & James V.  And I’d say she’s even more determined to throw a salad in your face, by being a little more direct and non-exploitative; just raw comedy about the tones of life we can all relate to, decorated with jewels we can actually awe at. Her debut song comes out with a p.e.r.f.e.c.t. music video, written and directed by herself, Dillon Moore and Dan Streit (known for his work on her brother Shakewell’s music videos) – all of whom play characters in the video.  Seriously, if you don’t watch this entire video, you are not human. It enchants humans way more than their favorite zonk-out TV show, all the way ’til the eerie end.  Also check her out live cause her & her band are fan-fucking-tastic.  Bambina’s debut EP, Crocodile Tears, will be released later this year.  See the full group live on July 21st at the Bootleg Theater and August 1st at Non Plus Ultra.