A new planet in the HOTT MT universe TERAIN is now visible, ever since Spooky & Ashi developed the footage from their Aetherophone™, it is now presentable in the visible spectrum for humans to witness with their eyes.

Faerie’s Fountain was recorded on the shores of the Vancouver Isles, along with the others on their newest album “Earth On Heaven”.  It captures the pinkish turquoise Zelda dimension that you’re always aestheticizing in your back-brain – a healing gem for the those that like to take 8 bit showers.

TERAIN is the ideal land to house the sacred quantum penny whistle, played by a shroomy banana bunny.  The nomadic knights & peasants are always chasing magic to meet their needs, & to most ultimately chase the secret animal woodwind cult that works behind the sky curtain guarded by black & white horses.  On this day of the filming of Faerie’s Fountain, a rhizolation occurred, where the mysterious power of the Potato was illuminated.  Its properties of happiness, luck, flexibility, & love were exercised for the first time in 57 centennellas, from the great wise Ashi Dala!  Potato Prayer can get you & your family past any obstacles.  It can even make some great narrative video art in the process.  Watch the newest & best invocation HOTT MT has crafted for you, & listen to the rest of their album “Earth On Heaven”.


Director: Spooky
Editor: Ashi
Shot by Paul McCaffrey
Starring Jake Ingalls of Spaceface and Jubilee the bun

Special thanks to: Jack Dean, Jon Gombas and David Lekach, Filmed next to the 101 entrance in Lincoln Heights after a long month of rain.

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