Non Plus Ultra is 501c3 nonprofit collective of friends & artists, who aim at curating performances of all kinds, as well as providing production spaces of many mediums.  The board currently consists of Nick Logie, Ashleigh Allard, Paul McCaffrey, Jonathan Gombas, Leon Mosburg, Jerry DeFazio, David Bow and Lionel Williams, all of whom are creatives that work in set design / carpentry, music & film production, as well as immersive interactive installations.  As NPU will continue to operate a live event space for touring and local DIY acts, we are now shifting focus to the following points:

Shoots – providing a lighting grid as well as cyc wall and parking; plus office space for production to have a base camp in. in addition, there will be gear available on site to use for most forms of production.

Studio – when shoots aren’t happening NPU will run a recording studio for local musicians using their finely tuned collection of analog gear (tape machines, mixing consoles, outboard effects etc.)

Screenings – Attempting to fill the hole left by our recently departed DIY movie theater Cinefamily, we wish to continue building up a well-curated screening schedule of independent and outsider films.  We have and would continue to collaborate with Alamo Drafthouse, Everything Is Terrible, and several LA video collectives.

Streams – Local and touring bands will be able to live stream performances in the facility; These performances will be on a closed set with no audience and will be hosted on our website.

The members of NPU are an available workforce for any other kind of project as well.

An independent venue & production facility for emerging artists provides inexpensive entry fees, low day-rates, and a safe space for boundless forms of expression, making it a crucial necessity in Los Angeles’s undercurrent.  NPU is committed toward the continuous development & representation of artists’ work, producing stellar live sound, colorful analog & digital recording, the modification of the space to fit an event or shoot, and large-format screenings.